Decorative laser cut panels from aluminum are the perfect product to elevate the interior or
exterior of any building. Aside from its decorative quality, the panel has practical qualities as
well and can function as a privacy screen in your backyard, a panel to conceal unwanted objects,
a room divider, and more!
Aluminum is lightweight, long lasting, and extremely durable as it does not rust nor falter under
low temperature conditions. Its lightweight quality makes it both easy to transport and to install,
and ensures there is no unnecessary weight added to your home.
Laser cut aluminum panels can be used for several purposes, such as:
– Decorative screens to conceal our air conditioner;
– Room divider to organize your interior space;
– Fence, fence topper, or gate;
– Decorative wall art.
The price of the aluminum laser cut panel is dependent on the dimensions of the panel (width
and height) as well as the panel thickness. Our standard sizes and designs are included in the
price but custom work costs extra, price contingent on the complexity of your desired design.
Clients entrust us with their projects because we are a reputable, high-quality manufacturer and
seller of aluminum laser cut panels. With over 5 years of experience and over 5000 happy
customers, we are sure to have the right answer and panel for your home!

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