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Aluminum decor panels can be used for both the interior and the exterior design of your home!
Such aluminum panels have several advantages compared to other materials. The ability to select
from several powder coating options elevates the panel’s decorative status, making each one
unique for your home. The most important part is picking the right vendor – one that takes
responsibility for the panel quality by personally manufacturing and assembling each panel, and
with years of experience in the trade. Only a vendor such as this is able to guarantee the high
quality and durability of the product and overall customer satisfaction.

Powder coating the panel ensures the durability of the colour and overall panel quality!

The main advantages of aluminum panels, as tested by our customers, are that they are:

These panel’s qualities make it safe and easy to install - anyone can do it!


easing both the transportation and installation processes

Long lasting

serving your home for 20 years with low maintenance


aluminum panels are more affordable than other materials


they can withstand any weather condition as they do not rust

Featured solutions

The panel’s durability guarantee makes it perfect for not just residential spaces, but commercial
spaces and other spaces such as stores, hotels, restaurants, schools, and more!


The price depends on the thickness of the aluminum sheet, which varies from 3.2mm (⅛”) to
6.35 mm (¼”). The entire process of manufacturing aluminum panels consists of three stages:
1. Preparing all the layers
2. Laser cutting (this is how the design is created!)
3. Welding, bending, and powder coating

AlumArts is the perfect vendor for your needs - with over five years experience, our own manufacturing facility, and over 5000 happy customers, we are sure to have the panel that you need!

10 years work experience

If the AlumArts takes an order, then we make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

Manufacturing accuracy

You can be sure that the dimensions will match, the parts will be assembled into nodes, and the nodes into the finished product.

Flexible discount system

Regular customers are provided with a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. There is a system of volume discounts for new customers.

Online cost estimation

Are you wondering how much it costs to make your part? Send it to us for calculation. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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